Model 231

Legislative decree 231/2001 introduced for the first time into the Italian legal system a form of criminal liability for legal entities, which can be held accountable by law for failure to do everything within their power to prevent the committing of one of the “predicate offenses”; on this basis, together with other requirements, the decree introduced the responsibility of the entity known as "corporate culpability".

For this reason, SAVE Group has adopted a Model of Organisation, Management and Control aimed at ensuring that company officers at all levels – whether administrators, directors or employees – as well as third parties operating in general on behalf of the company are unable to act unlawfully in the interests or to the advantage of the company without fraudulently circumventing the rules of company organisation as set out in the company's principles, policies and internal procedures and adopted in actual business practice.

With the adoption of its Model of Organisation, Management and Control, SAVE Group also pursues the broader goal of complying with the rules of social and airport management activities, contributing to the principles of legality and respect for democratic values set out in its Code of Ethics.

Within SAVE Group, the parent company SAVE S.p.A. and the subsidiaries AerTre S.p.A. and Airest S.p.A. have their own Models of Organisation, Management and Control.

The Model consists of:

  • A “general section” describing the contents of decree law 231/2001, the goals and functions of the Model and the duties of the Supervisory Board;
  • A “special section” concerning the protocols adopted to prevent the various types of predicated offenses provided for in the decree.

The SAVE Group Model, adopted in June 2009 and periodically updated in step with changes in the regulatory and legal framework and in company organisation, was updated by a resolution of the Board of Directors on the 28th of July 2016.

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