Vision and values

SAVE Group's mission is to act as a leader in the field of traveller services, managing a range of businesses with an innovative approach and with a high level of quality, responsibility and ethics to promote the development of region within which it operates.

The Group's vision is to be a major player in the field of mobility services, ensuring a high standard of quality and enhancing the experience of travellers during their stay.

In pursuing its activities, SAVE aims to create value for its stakeholders and to contribute to the economic and social development of the region within which it operates.

In particular, SAVE Group carries out airport management activities in accordance with public interest and the guidelines established for airports within national and international planning activities.

Furthermore, the SAVE Group companies:

  • Observe European, national, regional and local legislation as well as regulations issued by the competent authorities;
  • Respect the legitimate interests of customers, suppliers, employees, investors and partners;
  • Adhere to the principles set out in the company's code of ethics*;
  • Require all staff and all Group companies to observe the principles and standards of conduct set out in the code of ethics. 

* document only available in Italian version

Energy Saving
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