SAVE Group's history began in 1987. The following were the most important steps.


SAVE Group implements new strategies
  • SAVE decided to move out of ground handling activities at Venice Airport.
  • The new passenger terminal and cargo buildings were opened at Venice airport.
  • SAVE Group entered the Food & Beverage and Retail business through the newly-formed company Airport Elite.
  • The Group acquired a 40% shareholding in Centostazioni, a company that manages 103 medium-size Italian railway stations.


The Group was listed on the stock exchange
  • IPO on Italian Stock Exchange (SAVE.MI) through a capital increase of € 160 million.
  • SAVE Group acquired a more than 10% shareholding in Gemina, in turn owner of a 51% stake in ADR (Aeroporti di Roma).


SAVE Group consolidates its growth strategy
  • SAVE Group acquired 100% of the share capital of AIREST from Austrian Airlines (2006) in order to concentrate on retail Food & Beverage activities (2007).
  • SAVE Group acquired 100% of the share capital of RISTOP from Autostrada Brescia - Padova (2006).
  • SAVE Group sold its 10% shareholding in Gemina, realising a substantial capital gain.
  • The new Treviso airport was opened (2007) and SAVE Group acquired a further 35% stake in AERTRE (Treviso Airport management company).


Top financial institutions become SAVE Group shareholders
  • Generali Assicurazioni and Morgan Stanley joined Finanziaria Internazionale as shareholders of Marco Polo Holding (SAVE Group's principal shareholder).


Expansion of airport management operations abroad
  • SAVE Group acquired a 27.65% stake in Brussels Charleroi Airport (BSCA) in a partnership with Holding Communal.
  • SAVE Group was granted a 40-year concession for Treviso Airport by the Civil Aviation Authority ENAC (confirmed by the Board of Auditors in October 2013).


Venice Airport programme contract
  • ENAC signed the Programme Contract for Venice Marco Polo Airport on an exceptional basis in recognition of its strategic role and unique characteristics within the Italian airport system.


Venice Airport signs new tariffs agreement
  • SAVE signs with ENAC the new tariffs system agreement the pre-requisite for the launch of a significant effort to activate the projected infrastructure investments as well as to improve the quality of services.
  • SAVE obtains the approval of 40 years concession of Treviso Airport by ENAC.


Strategy focused on Airport Business Development
  • SAVE signs agreement with Lagardère Service for the disposal of Food & Beverage and Retail business with the exception of the activity run in Venice/Treviso and Verona Airport, which remains managed by a 50% partnership with the French Group.
  • SAVE becomes shareholder of Verona and Brescia airports with a 40% stake.


SAVE Group consolidates its strategy of Airport Business Development
  • SAVE signs an agreement with Ferrovie dello Stato for the divestiture of Centostazioni’s shares owned by the Group.
  • Venice Airport scored a new record of 9 million passengers in 2016.
  • Group Structure: on the 30th of January 2016 the agreement with Ferrovie dello Stato for the divestiture of Centostazioni’s shares owned by the Company was finalised.


Delisting of SAVE S.p.A.
  • At the end of the joint procedure for fulfilling the purchase obligation pursuant to Art. 108, paragraph 1 of the Consolidated Finance Act (T.U.F.), deriving from the mandatory public purchase offer launched by the shareholder Agorà Investimenti S.p.A., Borsa Italiana S.p.A. ordered the revocation - as from 23 October 2017 - of SAVE shares from listing on the screen-based stock exchange.
  • Venice Airport reaches a new passengers record, exceeding 10 million passengers in 2017.


More than 11 million passengers
  • New milestone reached: 11 million passengers at Venice Airport
  • 2 new destinations are added to the Venice Airport intercontinental network: Chicago and Seoul



More than 14 million passengers in Venice and Treviso Airport



Gruppo SAVE, like all the other companies in the aeronautical and airport industry, has been managed the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic, reorganizing its activities, and laying the foundations for the return to international traffic and the development of new routes.



The North-East Airport System, which includes the airports of Venice, Treviso, Verona and Brescia, handles around 15 million passengers, with a recovery of 81% compared to 2019 traffic, demonstrating a solid resilience after the pandemic.
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