SAVE Group is committed to delivering high-quality services and providing a network of connections to promote the internationalisation of enterprises and the creation of wealth for the local area and the wider community.

In the airport management segment, these goals are achieved through:

  • Implementation of the investment plan linked to the Programme Contract within the timeframes established in the schedule
  • Associated planning of the forms of financing adopted for the investment plan
  • Growth in traffic through the following strategies:
    • Developing airlines based in Venice to facilitate connections with Italy and Europe
    • Expanding world connections and increasing flights to European hubs
    • Maximising point-to-point traffic by exploiting the quality of the catchment area
    • Developing long-haul flights to generate additional connections through major intercontinental hubs
  • Developing retail activities in line with trends in traffic flows with the aim of improving the comfort and usability of spaces serving passengers.

SAVE Group also intends to pursue a growth strategy by increasing its participation in medium-sized national and international airports through long-term partnerships.

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