Code of ethics

In view of its role as a public service organisation with a major impact on the activities of airport users and on the regional economic and industrial fabric, SAVE S.p.A. has sought to consolidate and promote the ethical and social responsibility of its business activities by adopting a Code of Ethics along with Model 231.

The Code of Ethics aims to:

  • Define and set out the values and principles that underpin its activities and relations with employees, associates, customers, suppliers, shareholders, institutions and all other stakeholders;
  • Formalise the commitment to act with honesty and fairness;
  • reaffirm the commitment to safeguard the legitimate interests of its investors;
  • Inform its employees of the principles of conduct, values and responsibility they are required to conform to during their working activities, well aware of how easily a reputation can be damaged by even the appearance of misconduct.

In its Code of Ethics, SAVE S.p.A. specifically states that in performing its activities it aims to contribute to the development of the Veneto region's economy with responsibility and moral integrity.

The current Code of Ethics was adopted in 2004, also as a foundation of the Model of Organisation, Management and Control as per the italian law legislative decree 231/2001 on corporate legal accountability, and has been last updated by the Board of Directors on May 17th, 2013.

Code of ethics*Only available in Italian version

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